We Are Zaosu Elite Team!

Mr. Dangqi, the most popular triathlete in China, who has been in the field for over 15 years. In his “career” with triathlon, he has participated in over 100 races, and won 52 of them. Besides, he has been participated in almost every famous brand of triathlon races, such as Challenge Roth, Ironman World Championship, Escape Series Tri…etc. He is esteemed for his hard work in training, being passionate with people and, always being devoted to promote triathlon in China. He is the first man in China who did a Challenge Family event, and wants to continue participating in Challenge Family events.

He did SWIM in 2019 Challenge Anhui.

Mr. Zhao Yong, the founder of Zaosu(founded in Germany, means fast, faster. The main business of which is swim, bike and triathlon products.), who is an excellent triathlete and formed an elite team in China to support elite athletes’ performance.

He did RUN in 2019 Challenge Anhui.

Mr. Liang Shenyuan, the winner of “Who Wants to Cross the Finish Line with the Champion!” of 2019 Challenge Anhui, who also has great performance in triathlon races. He won the most likes from social media and did BIKE course in 2019 Challenge Anhui.

“Our goal before the race was to sub 10 hours, finally came 2nd with the result of 10hrs10mins04. But we don’t see it as a failure. When we stepped on the last 50m together, holding hands, we heard applauds and cheerings from all the audience around. All we wanted to do was to slow it down, just enjoy the moment as longer as it lasts.”

“Compared with the single disciplines like swim, cycling and marathon, the triathlon is more complicated, and the requirements for people are more comprehensive, that’s more fun and that’s why we love it. We love the fun of continuous challenge, and the glorious moment to share with our friends and family.”

“I just want to tell everyone who’s watching us onsite or in front of the TV, don’t be frightened by the difficulties that triathlon expresses, just do it, start with one discipline or a short distance, you’ll find everything is not as difficult as it seems to be. It is never too late to start.”

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