About us

SPORTOGRAF: There is no other word that could describe us better: SPORTOGRAF means PHOTOGRAPHER & SPORTSMAN, but also SPORTSMAN & PHOTOGRAPHER.

As competition athletes in several disciplines, we have a natural affinity to sport. We respect the performance of every athlete, and we honor this with professional quality pictures.

For us, taking pictures does not just mean pressing the shutter! Thanks to our experience as sportsmen, we know how to find the best locations for taking the best pictures.

Take a look at our example pictures (quality @ main menu), and convince yourself of the picture quality that results from our philosophy.

9 thoughts on “About us

  1. JABLINES – 20 09 2015 –
    Dossard 6942
    A pity I did not find any photo on the slippery wall ? There was a photograph there.


  2. Hi.
    Ich hatte beim Ketterer ´ne Kamera für Youtube am Lenker.
    Sportograf-Fotografen bei 12:42 bis 13:00 und 15:08 bis 16:12

    Ihr seid Spitze.

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  3. Hello, i have a problem. In the Spartan Race in Barcelona, i did the trifecta (beast on saturday and super and sprint on sunday) Two of the SPOROGRAF photografers told me that i can buy a pphotoflat from the sunday race, and add the pictures of the sunday, because is the same event (SPARTAN RACE BARCELONA), and the same person (ONLY ME).

    I just bought the photoflat and i couldnt add the pictures of sunday to my fotoflat, and is annoying because 20 euros is not cheap, and you can check is only me the one who appears in the pics, and of course is the same event.

    I just write an email to you, with the number of my fotoflat and the pics i want to add.

    Hope we can solve this problem.


  4. Hello, I’m Rémy from France, i’m a sportsman and a photographer. I was wondering : how can we join the team of photographer ?
    Thankyou for your reply !



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