Sportograf @ Fisherman's Friend Strongmanrun Ferropolis

Running in the dark… The night is ours!

We all know the numerous marathons, 10K runs, ladies runs – you name it and you probably know where to find them, too.

But for some, that’s not enough. Not that finishing a run, any run for that matter, isn’t good enough – it’s a great accomplishment. But some, like myself, just need a bit more.

Sportograf @ Fisherman's Friend Strongmanrun Ferropolis

Taking a good look at me as a person, I know I can do anything if I have the right motivation. But just running doesn’t do that for me, so I need a fun element if I want to be able to keep a nice pace. Like obstacles – take the multiple Strongmanruns or Spartan races you see all around these days – that seems to be more like it (you know, maybe I’ll actually join a race like this one day 🙂 )

Sportograf @ 30K Night Light Run Augsburg

But what if you use natural occurrences as well? Like, lets say, the fact that the sun sets at some hour of the day. And then it’s all dark and you’ll have to try just a bit harder to see what you’re doing or get where you’re going…

Sportograf @ Fisherman's Friend Strongmanrun Ferropolis

The organizers of the recent Strongmanrun must have had this in mind when they organized their Ferropolis race that took place last weekend. Just like the Night Light Run in Augsburg. Just like others before them, and many many more that will follow after…

Sportograf @ 30K Night Light Run Augsburg

That’s right: the pictures showcased here were actually taken at night time to add that extra level of excitement! What do you think about this – would you consider putting yourself through that extra effort if there’s the fun part of running in the dark and maybe even crawling through the mud or climbing over obstacles to get yourself through it? It sure sounds like fun to me – too bad I’m usually the one on the other end of the camera 😀

Sportograf @ Fisherman's Friend Strongmanrun Ferropolis

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