NORSEMAN is not for you.

Norseman is considered the most extreme triathlon in the world. And it’s true. It is.

Yes, because the race includes 3.8km of swimming, 180km of cycling, and 42km of running. IronMan distance. But that’s not enough. Because you swim in the cold water of the Eidfjord, over 300km from Oslo, with a temperature of around 13 degrees, after jumping off the ship in the middle of the fjord at 5 am.

The bicycle has 3600 meters of positive gradient, of which 1200 are in the first 37 km, with a variable and extreme weather route, where the wind, the fog and the intense cold of Norway reign. And to finish, there comes a full marathon, whose first 25km are composed of several ups and downs, to then face what is called „zombie hill“: 7km with a 10% gradient.

And finally, finishing the rest on the mountain path that leads to the 1850 m of the Gaustatoppen. The total positive increase in the race thus exceeds 5000 meters. But there is more, the extreme is not yet finished. There is a gate, the „cut off“, at the 32nd km of the race. Only the first 160 athletes can aspire to overcome it to reach the top of the mountain and conquer the „finisher black shirt“.

The others will be diverted to the finish „finisher white shirt“, far from easy of course.

This is not for you.
Nothing personal.
But it is not.
This is for people who fight.

This is the official motto of the race.
Every athlete who participates is there for a challenge, for a specific reason.
Which is not making time. No.
It is reaching the finish line, succeeding, demonstrating to yourself that you can do it.
And this will, determination, can be read in the eyes of each one of participants.
In the tension before the departure, in the muscles of the legs that push on the bicycle’s climbs, in the folds of the suffering face while walking the zombie hill.
And finally it is in the smile, in the happiness, in the exultation to cross the finish line, be it black or white.

Norway thus gives the approximately 250 NXTRI participants a unique race, which in addition to being an incredible physical effort is also an inner journey.

Norseman is a metaphor for life.

The beauty of the places traveled, the sudden changes of climate, the unexpected difficulties to overcome, the light of the sun that suddenly appears from behind the rain-laden clouds.

This is life, isn’t it?

So are you ready to jump off the ship?
Are you willing to win the finisher jersey?
Norseman is for you!

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