From photographer to Sportografer

Yeah, we know it. Sometimes we can be a pain in the @ss for you. Popping out of nowhere, hiding in the bushes, or capturing you when you have your baddest day in the race ever!

Sorry for that, but that’s what we do 😉

We love to capture your precious moments and make it into a lifetime digital memory.

But what does it take for us to get there?

We all love photography, we all love sports and we all love emotions. But the transformation from photographer to Sportografer sometimes takes more than you might expect.

Just before the season starts we get together for our yearly workshop. These three days are full of theory and practice. And it’s always good to see everyone after the winter period.

Theory is fun, it’s about composition, camera settings, building your flashes correctly but also First Aid etc. After all this information we’re heading outside to practice the stuff we learned. Thanks to the volunteers who bike the same trail over and over again to give us the chance to adjust camera settings to get the ‘picture perfect’.

After these three days the basics are covered, but we also learn a lot during the events. Compare it to your driver’s license, you’ll get better if you go out with your own car or motorbike a lot.

During the season every spare moment of free time around a race is filled with hanging out with the rest of the crew. We hike, bike, run and hang out. Of course equipped with our cameras and gear. So the learning curve continues as well.

Sometimes the days are long, sometimes it’s lonely sitting on your spot for hours and hours, sometimes you’re in a cool surrounding, sometimes not, but overall it gets you to places you might never get in first place. And you’re outdoors surrounded with cool people who love the same things as you do.

That makes it worth it every single time.

So, if you’re interested in becoming a Sportografer just drop us an email and we might see you at our next workshop or in the field!

Would be nice 🙂

In the meantime check out these smartphone impressions taken during the years…

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