8 Reasons to start with trail running…

Trail running is gaining popularity with the day. Also the obstacle races adds more attention from newspapers and magazines.

But why is trail running so much fun?
Well, see for yourself. And maybe it’s your next best thing…

Sportograf Trailrun 1
First of all you don’t need too much (expensive) gear. A good pair of shoes will do the trick.
Sportograf Trailrun 6
Or go for the barefoot feeling…
Sportograf Trailrun 5
You can run almost everywhere, even close to your home.
Sportograf Trailrun 7
When you hate bad weather, some events take place indoors.
Sportograf Trailrun 3
The views are just, well… priceless!
Sportograf Trailrun 8
You can spice your run doing some obstacles. It’s a complete body training…
Sportograf Trailrun 2
You get to places which are not even accessible by a mountain bike. The trails are yours!
Sportograf Trailrun 9
You can push yourself as hard as you like!
Sportograf Trailrun 4
But overall, it’s a lof of fun to do!

Convinced? Good, we’ll see you on the trails someday 🙂


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