4 Islands MTB stage race

4 days, 4 islands. An unique race in the world of mountain biking.

Want to try something different? Maybe this is the race for you.

It’s a 4 day stage race, every day on another islands. How cool is that! With distances between 50k and 70k and difference of altitude to cover between 800m and 1550m per day. So it’s not a climb-fest like the Transalp, but the trails should be a diversity of terrain.

Here is the promotion edit for 2016 so you can see for yourself

From the organisation:

We won’t say it’s a race for everyone…because – it isn’t!

But it is a race for MTB fans ready to experience a powerful mix of breathtaking trails, pains and pleasure, partners and rivals and the race where all those who reach the finish line are – winners!

We won’t say this is the toughest race ever…it’s probably not! But we know it’s not often that you experience such diversity of the terrain, sharp and steep climbs and and fast and technically demanding descents where only the bravest will let the brakes all the way.

We won’t say that this is the most beautiful race…beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. But it’s the race along single trails on the coastline with steep climbs to the mountain tops awarding bikers with magnificent views of unspoiled nature and villages over thousand years old….Oh yes…we definitely can say this race is one of the most beautiful in the world!

You can secure your entry here.

Will you be at the start line in 2016?

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