Suzuki Nine Knights 2015 – Slopestyle in Livigno

Normally the Sportografers go home after the event, but sometimes we go from one event to another and have some leisure time in between.

After last weekend’s event I went to Livigno to explore the new flow trails because I was already close by. Don’t worry, I’m going to write about it on the blog soon 🙂

When I wanted to leave from Livigno I found a nice camper spot to stay overnight. And what do you think? It was on the event location of the Suzuki Nine Knights slopestyle event. So before I went to sleep I grabbed a camera to give you some impressions from these crazy guys!!

Nine Knights Course - iPhone
A small impression of the course. They used only the castle and the first jumps while I was there.
Nine Knights 2015 Livigno - Roy Rovers Photography-293
This is the start of the course, the famous Nine Knights castle. There are several ways to drop in the course. This guy used the middle part to backflip into the action.
Nine Knights 2015 Livigno - Roy Rovers Photography-423
Whipping is hot these days. And the skills are getting better and better.
Nine Knights 2015 Livigno - Roy Rovers Photography-263
These guys are making lots of airtime to perform their tricks. That’s quite impressive to see!
Nine Knights 2015 Livigno - Roy Rovers Photography-410
Would you please look straight into the drone’s camera while you’re upside down? Thank you!
Nine Knights 2015 Livigno - Roy Rovers Photography-404
Uhm, ok. One backflip from the start looks pretty awesome, but this beats everything!
Nine Knights 2015 Livigno - Roy Rovers Photography-364
What goes down, must come up…

Nine Knights 2015 Livigno - Roy Rovers Photography-330

Nine Knights 2015 Livigno - Roy Rovers Photography-430
Ok, just one last time. Because it looks so awesome!

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