Andreas Seewald @ Salzkammergut Trophy

Salzkammergut Trophy – an insider story by 2015 winner Andreas Seewald (video)


Andreas Seewald, winner of 2015 Salzkammergut Trophy
Andreas Seewald, winner of 2015 Salzkammergut Trophy
This might be one of the hardest one-day mountainbike races in the world: the Salzkammergut Trophy.
Why is it so hard? Here are some facts:

  • Longest distance: 211,3 kilometers
  • Altimeters: 7119
  • Start time long distance: 5:00
  • Finish time: before 21.00
  • First finisher ladies: Milena Cesnaková – 12:49:33
  • First finisher men: Andreas Seewald – 9:50:47
  • Last finisher: 16:29:53, that’s 6 hours and 38 minutes behind the leader
  • Total long distance riders who did not finish: >350

That’s quite impressive! But luckily there are more distances to choose from so it’s suitable for everyone. Or at least most 😉


Andreas Seewald won this year’s edition, here’s his story:

„211,3 Kilometers, 7119 altimeters… We’ll have to see if I can keep up my 4 to 5 hour pedal power for 10 hours as well. That’s all strategy I’ve planned, because with a distance like this nothing goes as planned anyway.

During last week’s races together with my colleagues from the Centurion Vaude A1 Team I got used to a very high pace and I could make it through the field on the first climb on the Raschberg with control. Then I was surprised by Martin Ludwiczek, who made it third overall in the race, passing me by and taking off like that. Together with Daniel Rubisoier I dropped into the first gravel descent, and the three of us were on our way together again. During the climb to Hütteneckalm the speed clearly dropped, and I took my chance to ride onto the trail first.

Andreas Seewald @ Salzkammergut Trophy

After I first joined the race 2 years ago, I ruined my tires and had to use 3 spare tubes in one single race. This time I decided to use slightly heavier tires, bring 2 spare tubes, an air pump and a cartridge and never looked back – after the first descent I was already a minute ahead.

During the next 90 km I was on my own, rode my pace, and had a duel with the leading motorcycle once or twice. Memories from the Enduro holiday with Team Brauneck came up…

After a good 125 km I was together with only some „fresh“ course B riders around Salzberg, we cooperated well and like that I arrived at Salzberg relatively rested.

Just like last year I did really well at Salzberg and I could continue without overdoing anything. Or so I thought, as in the next climb to Roßalm I had to pay my dues by having to push my bike for 5 to 10 minutes in relatively flat terrain. For a little while I no longer knew what was happening in the world and despite being ahead by 20 minutes, I feared my victory.

Andreas Seewald @ Salzkammergut Trophy

At the refreshment station behind Roßalm I finally thought clear again and took plenty of time to eat and drink.

The last 40 km to the finish line were like a roller coaster ride, power-wise. In the last longer (400 m) climb to Gosausee another collapse followed, yet only minutes later I was completely focused om the race again, flying down another gravel descent.

Then 20 km before the finish I finally started my race against the clock, despite having ditched that idea before Roßalm. The last kilometers felt like being on a time trial bike, and against my own expectations I made it to a win with a new course record.

Andreas Seewald @ Salzkammergut Trophy
Andreas Seewald, the first to cross finish line!
Thanks to my parents, my sister Lissi, Radlrasti and Emil for the splendid care during the race, to Jutta for the provisions before and after the race, to the entire Team Centurion Vaude and Hesse Kafka’s training team, and of course to all fans and over 1000 helpers for the great organization and the unbelievable atmosphere at the course, at the finish line and at the price giving ceremony.“

Thank you Andi for sharing your experiences with us!

You can find all our pictures and the entire best of on the Sportograf website.


View @ Salzkammergut Trophy
Salzkammergut Trophy view
Want to join the experience? Find more info on the Salzkammergut Trophy website.

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