Amstel Gold Race

Amstel Gold Race 2015

Lovely weather, a beautiful environment, happy people – all the ingredients you need for a successful race. And guess what? The 2015 edition of the Amstel Gold Race met all these requirements.

Curves, climbs, nature, a cheering audience … All present!

Not only the Dutch, Belgian and German were there, we even spoke to Spanish, Italian and (I kid you not!) Australian riders who praise this race.

Amstel Gold Race

Those who’ve been there before know there’s a tour edition on Saturday and a pro race on Sunday. The tour edition covers multiple distances, making the race accessible for every cyclist: from 60 all the way up to 240 kilometers and pretty much everything in between. This way, both young & old, super sportive or just in it for the fun – all can enjoy a nice race!

And from what we saw and heard over at the finish line they sure did! So many people, so much fun. A beer or two may have added to this sheer joy, it being the Amstel Gold Race we expected nothing less…

As always, a picture speaks a thousand words – watch and enjoy!

Amstel Gold Race - start during sunrise
The tour edition has an early start if you’re up for it: at 6.30 a.m. sharp the first riders cross the start. Luckily, you can start as late as 11.00 if you want.
Sunshine at the Amstel Gold Race
Would you look at that weather!
Young girl at Amstel Gold Race
One of the younger riders, what a performance!
Climb at the Amstel Gold Race
Another one of those tough climbs, keep pushing guys, just keep pushing…
Finish Amstel Gold Race
And then… the finish line!
Party at the Amstel Gold Race
Good times after the race. And beer, a lot of beer.

And of course, there’s the pros. They did a pretty good job too ;-), with all favorites joining each other in the final sprint. There can be only one winner, and Polish rider Michal Kwiatkowski managed to cross the finish line first.

The Peloton, Amstel Gold Race 2015
The peloton on it’s way during the pro race on Sunday.
Michal Kwiatkowski corssing the finish line, Amstel Gold Race
Michal Kwiatkowski crossing the finish line during the pro race, Amstel Gold Race 2015.

Did you ride the race yourself? Find your personal pictures on, and make sure to take a look at the entire best-of! We hope you all had as much of a good time as we did, hope to see you next year!

Your Sportograf team

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