It’s that time of the year…

Winter is just around the corner. What are your plans for the upcoming months? Recovering from all the sport activities from last season, or preparing yourself for next year?

Autumn and especially Winter are the perfect seasons to train your endurance before the new season kicks off. You can train your endurance at home on your Tacx or go to the gym and use the treadmills or spinning classes.

And that’s fine… But we want to encourage you to go outside. The best training is on the (local) trails. And even when it’s getting colder, wetter and it’s dark early it could be still fun.

You never know what weather conditions will bring next year…

Hopefully the next images will motivate you to go outside. Enjoy!

The best season for photographers, Autumn. The forrest is full of beautiful colors, what do you think?
Rain smile
If you’re prepared for all weather conditions, your rides and runs can still be fun. Look at this guy!
Roadbike sun
Even in Autumn the temperature can still be warm enough to go outside without all the layers of clothes.
Getting the shivers? Even with lots of snow you’re still able to have fun and go outside.

Well, what are you waiting for?

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