Rad am Ring: racestory in 10 pictures

Every year there’s one weekend when there are no cars or motorbikes on the Nürburgring. Then you know: it’s that time of the year: Rad am Ring!

-Ever wondered how it feels to run or ride your bike on a racecourse?-

This year the weather played a big roll in this edition of Rad am Ring. Check the pictures and see for yourself!

Sportograf @ Rad am Ring
This is not the usual picture you would imagine from the Nürnburgring. But it looks cool, right?


Sportograf @ Rad am Ring
It really was a sufferfest with lots and lots of rain. Did we mentioned it rained a lot?


Sportograf @ Rad am Ring
If you’re really a speedfreak, it’s possible to race the time-trial.


Sportograf @ Rad am Ring
Even for the mountainbikers the organisation set up a course. Without tarmac of course!


Sportograf @ Rad am Ring
Are you ready for 24 hours of road cycling?


Sportograf @ Rad am Ring
Stay focused, even during the night…


Sportograf @ Rad am Ring
Is that a speed camera? Yep.


Sportograf @ Rad am Ring
Like a pro…


Sportograf @ Rad am Ring
Never loose your eye from the direction you’re going…


Sportograf @ Rad am Ring
At the end you’ll be soo happy you did it!!

More info about the event on the Rad am Ring website

Your pictures can be found on our Sportograf website


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